Women for Bob Gardner


Dear Fellow Traveler,

We hope this finds you well.  We wanted to reach out to you today and thank you for your support for Senator Bob Gardner’s campaign for re-election to the State Senate.  It means the world to Bob and he appreciates it. As a small token of our appreciation for your assistance we have included a one of a kind ‘Women for Bob’ bumper sticker.

Bob has a serious opponent and she is the current Chair of the El Paso County Democratic Party and an earnest Bernie Sanders Delegate who believes Socialism is the solution to everything.  Bob needs help from each and every one of us to turn out the vote this November. 

With that in mind, we are reaching you today to talk about a coalition we are putting together, ‘Women for Bob’.  We would like to ask for your help and ask you to reach out to your friends, family, and colleagues.  Talk with them about supporting Bob’s re-election.  Would you help us?  Can you reach out to 3 women and ask them to join our coalition?  We are creating a ‘Women for Bob’ page on his website and along with your name we would like to add their names and send them a bumper sticker in the mail. 

We have heard from credible sources that we, as a Party need to reach our fellow travelers, Republican Women voters.  As we enter the final days and push to get out the vote to women, as well as all voters who share Bob’s values, we are asking his supporters for their time, talent and any contribution that is possible.  Please seriously consider sending Bob’s campaign a donation?  We have enclosed an envelope for your convenience and thank you in advance for both your generosity and your support.

Wouldn’t it be great to be 300 strong by election day?  Help us grow our coalition.  Join the Women for Bob Team!


Wynne Palermo, Chair
Committee to Elect Bob Gardner, Senate District 12

PS: Please email our team at votebobgardner@gmail.com with any questions as well as additional women who would like to join our coalition! Thank you for your assistance!!

Join other local women who support Bob Gardner! Send your name and email address to votebobgardner@gmail.com to add your support to Bob’s female coalition!

Mrs. Moira Cullen 
The Honorable Vickie Agler 
Ms. Carla Albers 
Mrs. Jenifer Brandeberry 
Mrs. Virginia Morrison Love 
Ms. Nelle Barr 
Ms. Linda Leslie 
The Honorable Amy Stephens 
Mrs. Gwen Stimple 
Ms. Marlene Stott
Mrs. Sharon Swerdfeger 
Ms. Laura Gardner 
Mrs. Therese Thatcher 
Ms. Phyllis Thurber 
Ms. Kayla Tibbals 
Ms. Kathryn Trapp 
Ms. Becky Fuller 
Mrs. Loren Furman 
Mrs. Maria Garcia Berry 
Ms. Rosanna Cheek 
Mrs. Alexandra Garza 
Ms. Rachel Beck 
Ms. Patricia Szeredy 
Ms. Teresa Cheek 
The Honorable Gayle Berry 
Ms. Janna Blanter 
Ms. Mary Bradfield 
Mrs. Ruth Aponte 
Ms. Gloria Bridges 
Ms. Sarah Brittain Jack 
Ms. Ellen Caruso 
Ms. Emily Broerman 
Mrs. Kristel Hybl 
Mrs. WinneDe Berger 
Ms. Patricia Wellens
Ms. Marijo Rymer 
Mrs. Sandi Foote 
Mrs. Linda Coats 
Ms. Elizabeth Vanderwerf 
Mrs Jean Butcher 
Ms. Karole Campbell 
Mrs. Jenn Penn 
Ms. Marsha Brewer 
The Honorable Terri Carver 
Ms. Jennifer Cassell 
Mrs. Joan Lucia-treese 
Mrs. Theresa Bryan 
Ms. Nancy Burke 
Dr. Sharron Clark 
Ms. Susan Forystek 
Ms. Joyce Cope 
Mrs. Jill Cowperthwaite
Mrs. Lynn Olney 
Ms. Dianna Orf 
Ms. Jodi Page 
Ms. Wynne Palermo 
Ms. Mary Partin 
Mrs. Jenifer Waller-Dean 
Ms. Joliene Weiss 
Ms. Kristyn Cline 
Mrs. Micki Hackenberger 
Ms. Kay Rendleman 
Mrs. Roberta Robinette 
Ms. Catherine Brown 
Ms. Stephanie Fransen-Hicks 
Ms. Pamela Keller 
Mrs. Tanya Kelly-Bowry 
Ms. Kelli Kelty 
Mrs. Vickie Broerman 
Ms. Erin Goff
Ms. Paula Lane 
Mrs. Anita Lane 
The Honorable Polly Lawrence 
Ms. Melanie Layton 
Ms. Sandy Shakes 
Ms. Pat Holte
Ms. Melissa Roybal
Ms. Rosanna Cheek 
Ms. Debbie Gray
Ms. Cortney Salt
Ms. Candi Boyer
Ms. Cindy Gottleib
Ms. Lisa Horstman
Ms. Lacee Artist 
Ms. Laura Long 
Mrs. Deirdre Schuck 
Mrs. Kathi Braden 
Ms. Luisa Graff 
The Honorable Joan Green Turner 
Mrs. Margaret Gullixson 
Ms. Suzanne Marvin 
Ms. Peggy Haynes 
Ms. Jane Hegstrom 
Mrs. Cheryl Herber 
Ms. Julie Herrmann 
Mrs. Kathy Hisey 
Ms. Julie Hoerner Mowry 
Mrs. Edie Busam 
Ms. Mary Kay Hogan 
Ms. Patricia Holte 
Ms. Carrie Bartow 
Ms. Annmarie Jensen 
Ms. Mary Perozich 
Ms. Nancy Engle 
Ms. Hazel Fetz 
Mrs. Judith Jergensen 
Mrs. Laura Johnson 
Ms. Jeanne Smith 
Mrs. Becky Medved 
Mrs. Sandra Solin 
Ms. Susan Koontz 
Mrs. Carolyn Kopper 
Ms. Sundari Kraft
Mrs. Melissa Kuipers Blake 
The Honorable Lois Landgraf 
Ms. Joanna Fischer 
Ms. Susan Luenser 
Mrs. Mary Marchun 
Mrs. Sharon Ross 
Mrs. Julie McKenna 
Ms. Frances McLaurin
Ms. Mary McNally 
Mrs. Juliann McPadden 
Ms. Katie Wolf 
Ms. Jennifer Mello 
Ms. Karli Williams 
The Honorable Holly Williams 
Mrs. Gloria Winslow 
Ms. Alethia Morgan 
Mrs. Cassandra Sebastian 
Ms. Maureen Mitchell 
Ms. Raquel Rosen 
Ms. Jeannie Vanderburg 
Mrs. Diane Smethills 
Mrs. Kathleen Walker
Ms. Betsy Murray 
Ms. Laura Nelson 
Mrs. Pat Nohavec 
Ms. Kathy Oatis 
Ms. Sharon Olney 
Ms. Rene Wiebe 
Mrs. Shari Williams 
Mrs. Christine Staberg
Ms. Lucy Tschappler 
Ms. Linda Woodford 
Ms. Renee Zentz 
Ms. Carole Troynacki 
Ms. Diana Protopapa 
Ms. Beverly Razon 
Mrs. Janet Reinking 
Mrs. Heidi Wagner Morgan 
Ms. Jennifer Miles 
Mrs. Joyce Schuck 
Ms. Edith Sonn 
Ms. Megghan St. Aubyn 
Ms. Helen Potter
Ms. Deborah Wagner 
Ms. Juliann McPadden
Ms. Megan Mutch
Ms. Teresa Cheek
Mrs. Holly Williams
Ms. Sandra Bankes
Ms. Terry Hindmarsh
Ms. Brenda Conrad
Ms. Lisa Hoyt

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